Online High School Classes - Different Types of Concepts

Freedom from classroom boredom, Monday blues and drab uniforms as education now comes with a choice. Brick- n- mortar classrooms are a pass now and virtual classrooms a welcome reality! Today's generation X can now choose to study, appear exams and even graduate at one's own pace and independence, thanks to the internet and multimedia that makes such academic liberty possible. Though distance education and online professional courses has been in vogue for quite sometime now, the concept of Online High School Class is fast catching up among youths who desire flexibility of time and schedule as opposed to the stifling routine of regular schools.

High school generally refers to secondary education staring from standard 7th to 12th. Such virtual/Cyber schools conduct classes through internet technology and students interact with fellow colleagues or collaborate with teachers via phone or web communication tools. Online classes can be extremely useful for students who might be incapacitated due to illness, age, part time jobs, travel, etc. Overseas or rural students or home schooled slow or exceptionally gifted learners will enjoy the freedom of learning at self pace without having to adjust to temperamental teachers or troublesome peers. Tailor made specialized courses that suit the demands of the students and cater to their career requirements are yet another benefits of such virtual syllabus. However self motivation and comprehension skills are some of the essential criteria for such courses as the pupil has to read and understand the text alone from online manuals without outside help as discussion with friends, extra classes or tutorials that aid learning a lot under the traditional schooling system. Thus it is academically more challenging as not many can manage pursuing studies alone without the constant physical cajoling of teachers or competitiveness among fellow friends. Though the fun element of friends and social interaction might be missing here but surely that compensates for the sheer luxury of carrying on studies curled up on your favorite bed in your night suit!

Generally two options are open for choosing an online program: private or public online schools. Private online schools function much like traditional private schools with their own teaching philosophy and methodology, while public schools must adhere to national and state regulations. However students and their guardians must make sure through thorough investigation that their selected online high school is genuinely accredited under some recognized national or regional university before enrolling. A time tested curriculum, qualified teachers, a healthy student -teacher ratio, a good track record of students passing out should be the basic criterion for selecting a virtual school. One can check with academic advisers regarding the value of the online secondary degree and the acceptability of the schools' transcript in colleges, universities and most importantly the professional world. Yet another choice are the Charter schools which are publicly funded but enjoy more freedom from government control than regular public schools.

States as Minnesota and California have legal provisions that permit students to enroll in charter programs, expenses of which are borne by the government. Schools Blue Sky in Minnesota and Choice2000 in California offer a free online school diploma and completely accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Some schools even provide free of cost manuals and computer equipment for students. Yet another acclaimed name is EPGY Online High School which is a fully accredited, diploma granting independent school situated at Stanford University. A flip through into the directory of online high school class will open a vista of options available for eager students.

Even foreign students aspiring higher studies in the US will immensely benefit from these online classes as they hone their writing skills and guide them in writing an effective Statement of Purpose (SOP) that is often a gateway for admission in almost any American college. An online High school course might pave smooth transition to college without any need of a bridge course that often foreign students in the US are required to undergo as the students are already acclimatized with the US style of studies and thus considered at par with their American counterparts. It seems online classes are here to stay and all set to redefine the future of the global academic structure.