A Degree In International Relations My Lead To A High Profile Position Working With Other Cultures

Are you looking for a career that offers the excitement of exploring various geographical regions and the opportunity to experience other cultures? Do you want to make a global difference in international relations? If you have an affirmative response to these and other like questions, then a graduate program in international relations is just what you seek. You might be surprised to learn that many students are drawn to some kind of job in international affairs but that these exciting careers are not easy to attain with only a bachelor's degree. You will need a graduate degree, direct job experience, or usually a combination of the two. However, you may find that the investment is worth it since, once you begin working in the field, you will have the opportunity to move from government to business and vice versa. Most of the master's degrees in international relations take two years to complete. As many students do, you may also wish to consider a specific specialty within the field such as: international economics, global theory, or studies of African or Middle Eastern cultures. Upon completion of any of these master's programs you will be required to complete a project or thesis. You will find that many schools offer graduate programs in international relations and you will need to have earned a bachelor's degree in order to gain entrance. Most schools are not concerned with the concentration of your degree but subjects such as journalism or political science are good majors if you are just starting your bachelor's program. Finally you will be required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for entry into your graduate school. Once you have earned your graduate degree you will find a myriad of employment opportunities in international relations. Probably the most well-known is a career in diplomacy usually with the country's Foreign Service, which staffs the American embassies around the world. However, you should understand that the hiring is limited so you would need to be among the most qualified in order to obtain this type of employment. Other government agencies such as the Defense Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency also offer employment to master's level graduates. Another government opportunity would be with the Agency for International Development which provides aid in agriculture and economics around the world. And of course you could find many public and private agencies in this country with offices abroad dealing with everything from agriculture and commerce to international legal issues. Many graduate students will opt for the private sector in international relations whether they are stationed abroad or right here in the United States. There are major companies that market their products in other countries and realize the value of hiring those with international relations degrees. Not to be forgotten are the non-profit organizations that work in international affairs and although the salaries are lower, the work is very rewarding. Whether you aspire to work for the government in a diplomatic capacity, a large corporation with global markets, or a non-profit organization providing education and aid to underdeveloped nations, you will want to look into international relations graduate programs. You would be wise to consider your career goal prior to choosing your program so you know exactly where to concentrate your studies. No matter what grad school program you choose, you will surely find an exciting and rewarding career in international relations.